Middlewick House

Middlewick Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 0AX

Middlewick House was built during the late 18th Century, with further  additions during the 19th Century. In the early years of its existence the land tax records of the late 1700’s for Middlewick House show its proprietors to have been the Coker family. Right up until the late 1900s the House was actually known as Middle Pickwick House.

During the late 1700’s the Reverend David Jardine, a dissenting minister of Trim Street in nearby Bath, occupied the house. An article in the year 1797 from the Monthly Magazine stated that the gentleman’s “morals kept pace with his intellectual proficiency” and to him “the petulance of the infidel, and the ‘moroseness’ (whatever they are) of the bigot, were objects of equal dislike.”

Over the years a wide range of people has occupied the house. These have varied from eminent doctors lawyers and soldiers, a number of farmers, and to redress the social   balance, an 84-year lady, Ruth Tylee, documented as having the rank of  “Pauper”.

By the late 19th Century Daniel Hugh Clutterbuck, who famously rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854, had moved into Middlewick House. Charlotte Hedworth Williamson followed the Clutterbuck family, and at the time of the 1911 Census the lady had 5 servants and the house was listed as having a total of 16 rooms. Later her son,  Brigadier Hudleston Noel Hedworth Williamson MC, DSO lived there, and the family were still resident up to the  beginning of WW11 when it was used as  billeting for intelligence personnel working locally.

After the war the next residents were the Nicholson family. Agnes Susan Elizabeth Dumaresq married Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Carleton Nicholson of Hartham Park. The Nicholson family continued the long tradition of association between Middlewick House and nearby Hartham Park, until Middlewick was sold to The Hon David Edward Hely Hutchinson and his wife Barbara Mary. In the 1980’s the house was sold to Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles. Nick & Annette Mason bought the house in 1995.

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